The Residents' Association

A committee was formed in 1966 to protect the interests of the residents throughout the time the M25 and M23 motorways were under construction. The committee comprised a Chairman (Ronald Prentice, from Standish) and three members: Sidney Hall (Oakwood), who had trained as a solicitor, covering legal matters; Steph Seager (Little Shaw), engineering and technical; and Basil West, who had the support of the AA behind him (Clavadel).

After the construction of the motorways the committee was disbanded.

The Association was resurrected towards the end of the 1990s under the chairmanship of John Pullinger (Mill House), primarily in an attempt to prevent Kingsdown being bought by the local Health Authority for use as a residential home.  A subscription of 5 per year was charged for membership. Following a successful outcome (Kingsdown was bought by one of the residents to forestall the plans of the Health Authority and subsequently resold) the activities of the Association ceased until, with Rita Margrave (Pucklechurch) in the chair, a new policy was developed. Every resident in the road (including 'The Close' and Ashcombe Road) would, by default, be a member of the Association; no subscription would be charged, necessary funds being raised instead by social events; a regular newsletter would be published to keep residents informed of developments in the road.

A social programme evolved with a barbecue in the summer, a drinks party in the autumn, and a quiz evening at the end of the year. An Annual General Meeting was held each April.

Since about 2015 there has been little activity within the Association and social events have ceased. The Residents' Assocation is once again dormant.