This page lists the houses in geographical order.

The order followed is that taken by starting at the western end of the road (the A23), and walking along the southern side of the road (as far as Greenacre). The list then starts again (from Clouds), again from west to east, on the northern side of the road.

1 (Quest Cottage) Standish Little Albury Tanglewood Dormers The Firs
2 (Glenside) Pucklechurch Albury Edge West   Russetts Ockley Wood
3 Rockshaw Road Whitmore Albury Edge East [cross M23] The New House Uplands Cottage
4 Rockshaw Road West Cross Orchard End Chaldon Rise Spaxton Fairmead
  Lowood Noddyshall Cottage Little Piemede Kingfisher Cottage Gayhurst
[railway bridges] Court Lodge Noddyshall Piemede Beechside Glaramara
Middle Fell Rondels The Mere Greenacre Sarum Mulberry
Bartonbury Relf House The Red House   Fircroft Red Gables
Mill House Clavadel The Georgian House [northern side of the road]   Christow
Kingsdown Oakwood The Garth Clouds ['The Close'] Kesteven
Little Shaw Heronswood Garthside Badgerwood Shepherd’s Corner Franklands

Many of the houses in the road have had the name changed over the years. The table below shows the earlier name together with the current name. House names in a pink box have been demolished (most to make way for the M23 motorway).

Albury Edge Lodge Orchard End   Lockhart Kingfisher Cottage
As you like it Little Shaw   Lynwood Beech House
Ash Pollard     Matson The Garth/Garthside
Bedlams Wood     Mill Ash  
Bovey Tracey Pucklechurch   Mill Ash Cottage  
Bytheway     Mon Repos The Firs
Egypt Wood Pucklechurch   Noddyshall (64)  
Firle 4 Rockshaw Road   Noddyshall (65)  
Firle Beacon Middle Fell   Ockley Wood Cottage Ockley Wood
Ganymede Kingfisher Cottage   Opsis Badgerwood
Gayhurst Beech House   Picket Wood  
Glenside 2 Rockshaw Road   Picket Wood Cottage  
Guvesne     Roemarten Beechside
Heart’s Delight Clouds   Running Moor  
Innesfree The New House   Russet Cottage Russets
Knightons Glaramara   Saranda Hill  
Lamberden Whitmore   The Balsams Middle Fell
Linacre House Pucklechurch   Valencia Pucklechurch
Little Cottage 3 Rockshaw Road   Villa Katerina Court Lodge / Tanglewood
Little Ganilly Rondells   Wendrich Glaramara
Little Piemede The Croft   Withyshaw  
Little Pollard